Tides of Harmony is a pair of ships in the Divine Fleet associated with the Divine Harmony. Perigean and Seiche are the two Tides of Harmony, which interconnect to form the City Ship. Each half of the ship had its own Excerpt.

History Edit

The ships used to move like waves: around each other, rolling forward and back in alternation. Now, though, they are parallel, and although they still move they're more rigid and static. Harmony is still in-between the two ships, connecting them, but now as a crystalline, flower-like corpse. The ships have tracks between each other to transport things, as well as some connecting directly to Harmony's corpse. The people never severed these connections because they believe Harmony may come back someday.

Since the death of Harmony, communication between ships has gotten much harder. However, the Tides of Harmony still specialize in efficient production. Textiles are rare, but food and supplies are made by these skilled laborers. Everyone has two jobs, one more intricate than the other. People switch ships, working different jobs depending on the time of year. For instance, someone who makes socks could also be a really good glass blower.

Some of the nanites that connect the people of Harmony to the Mesh have begun to fail. They are biomechanical and therefore they're normally hereditary. However, this has stopped happening: the nanites don't work, or are not present at all, and people unable to connect to the Mesh are segregated.

There's a lot of pride derived from having at least one thing on your person that you made yourself. It showcases the talents of the workers.

Notes Edit