Thyrsus is the city ship of the followers of Belgard.

The city ship is composed of a series of bulb-like nodes, connecting bridges, and occasional flat oblong panels that emerge from a point. Visually it might be helpful to think of a stalk of Queen Anne's Lace, with broad clusters of flowers and stalks that grow from a central stem.

On the inside, because of the construction of the ship, there are not a lot of big open areas. Interior rooms are not popular, but those that exist feature tall, vaulted ceilings and reflective, naturalistic surfaces made of stone, wood, glass, or metal. Most areas resemble a series of interconnected, nested sets of alleys, courtyards, and plazas: "spaces between spaces." People might avoid interior spaces altogether if they're well off, utilizing privatized sections of open areas.

On Thyrsus, the rule "there is nothing so sacred as cold metal warmed in the palm" is emphasized more than in the rest of the fleet. People should do work with machines and keep active.

Unlike on other ships, the rule on Thyrsus is that "like should mend like." Flesh must be mended with flesh, metal must be mended with metal. If you take damage to flesh, than flesh must be used to repair that damage. Additive stuff is acceptable, in the same way clothing is acceptable.

The fashion on Thyrsus showcases highly embellished but rather shapeless overcoats. The length and material varies, but ankle length cut and heavily textured fabric are considered more desirable as they're both more resource intensive and hold their structure better, when actual, physical material is used. Sleeves are sometimes slashed up the arm. Off-ship the coats are technically worn open or fastened at the collar to give a more tailored and cape-like effect and to stand out less--although they still stand out. This takes inspiration from Victorian driving clothes and mid-century women's coats.

The people of this city ship have doubled down on routines and structure. They believe one should "be the stability in the world you want to see," but are also being avoidant by doing the same thing they've always done. They favor Gumption's Gambit, while the By-and-By is least favored.

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