The Old King is the deposed former king of the Crown of Glass, a government on Quire that spans from the Sculpture to the Garden.

Undela Apogica, aided by Saint Symmetry, successfully defeated him and killed him.[1] A nameless facsimile of him now serves as a guide through the Crown of Glass' Gallery. The Doyenne utterly erased his name from history as ironic punishment for an incident during which he killed thirty-two people for mispronouncing his name.[2]

Appearance Edit

As a construct in the Gallery, the king is about 5'5 or 5'6 and has a buzzcut. On his head, a crown of glass is worn upside down and tilted, resembling a dunce cap. He wears a white suit, black dress shirt and white gloves. The construct describes his former self as a despot and a tyrant and has a general attitude of servility.[1]

References Edit

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