The Divine Fleet is a civilization of humans, Divines, and other lifeforms both biological and synthetic, all followers of the Resonant Orbit.[1]

It is hidden within the Twilight Mirage, which limits the ships' communication with each other. This has allowed the cultures of different ships to remain distinct and individual.[2]

People in the Fleet are always provided basic necessities for free, and also receive a stipend in the form of computer memory for extraneous items.[3]

History Edit

Originally a fleet of 300 Divines and their ships, their number had dwindled to 8 in the 300 years prior to Twilight Mirage, and to 2 at the beginning of the series. The Divines' ships are not the only ships within the fleet, but are its major touchstones and population centers. The ships are constantly moving, anticipating danger, because there are so few of them left.

The cause of the deaths of most of the Divines is unknown. This was an odd occurrence; no one knows why the Divines suddenly started to die after 30,000 years.

Divines Edit

Spoiler: Episode 58

Believed deceased, Harmony left the Divine Fleet prior to the events of the series.

City-Ships Edit

References Edit

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