This page refers to the acting Cadent during the first episode of the series. For other uses, see The Cadent (disambiguation).

The Cadent Under Mirage is the organic leader of The Resonant Orbit, the faith that unites the Divine Fleet. She is also known by her title, Our Holy Representative, Light in Darkness, Guidance Under Mirage, May She Live in Peace (often shortened to the Cadent Under Mirage).[1]

She is very young, but the remaining Divines elected her with great confidence ten years ago. They plucked her out of school at sixteen and raised her to replace the previous Cadent, who died of old age. For the first couple of years her appointment was controversial due to her young age, but she has taken to the job very well and she is now beloved among the Divine Fleet.[1]

Appearance Edit

She does not have a crown, instead she has a series of pendants linked together to form a necklace. Each pendant is an icon of a Divine. She wears three necklaces, thirty pendants in total. Also, she wears intricately-layered tiffany blue robes. All of her jewelry references a loyalty she owes to someone else.

References Edit

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