The Beloved were founded alongside Seance itself, soon after the death of Affinity, the tenth of the lost Divines. Per the pact that brought the group into being, it can operate with no less than 3 and no more than fifteen members—including a commanding officer. Empyrean extends their Divine authority to the group, whose members must first be approved by the sitting Cadent. In the event that the Cadent dies, the Beloved are placed on extended furlough until a new Cadent can approve the members. There is no explicit procedure to be followed in the event of Empyrean’s death, thus standard practice applies. (See: Extension of Divine Authority in the Case of Death)

The Living Library of Memorious Vol. 103Ɨ, "We Want You to Come Home" episode description

The Beloved is a small group of skilled and covert agents working for Empyrean tasked with protecting the Twilight Mirage and the Divine Fleet from things that may threaten them. Currently, the Beloved operate as two separate teams (Beloved Dust and Beloved Ivy, respectively) both under the command of Pure Cascara.

Current operatives Edit

Beloved Dust Edit

Beloved Ivy Edit

Beloved Lost Edit

Spoiler: Episode 26

The Cadent Under Mirage approved the creation of the Beloved Lost during the quest to rescue her from Sui Juris.

The Beloved Nights Edit

Spoiler: Post Miracle of the Mirage and Episode 64

The Beloved Nights was created by the Waking Cadent after her revival in Privign Station. The group is not affiliated with the Cadent Under Mirage.