Sculpture City is the seat of one of the schools of the Crown of Glass; namely, the Sculpture. It is located in the desert and surrounded by massive glass quarries sinking deep into the ground.[1] To the east the desert gives way to prairie, where the Garden is located. The Factory is to the west, the Theater is to the north and the Desk is to the south.[2]

Appearance Edit

Spread over the city are huge, angled roofs up on huge white pillars, taller than the buildings. They're made of individual slats of stained glass in many different colors, bright and dark. The whole city is constantly cast in shades of light: there is never any pure sunlight.

There are twenty thousand people in Sculpture City, and it's one of the densest on the planet. The buildings are made mainly of sandstone, with glass worked into it. It is designed very geometrically, yet with art deco flair. For example, there might be a perfectly cross-cut diamond road that is further divided into diamonds and rectangles, and then, at a corner, there’ll be the curve of a little park.[3] At night, the glass glows in various gentle, moon-like neon colors.[4]

It’s built around a couple of districts: the Sculpture, which contains the university campus, and the Crown, the center of government.[3] In the center of this city, between the two districts, is a lake. It has a diamond-shaped island in it, which then contains a diamond-shaped building, the Form, surrounded by a moat. The tower is twelve to fifteen floors high but its width is its most striking aspect. Though this is not visible from the exterior, the Form is actually shaped like a throne. The Doyenne resides there.[4]

Culture Edit

Sculpture City is very artsy and cosmopolitan, as one would expect, and has plenty of bookstores, cafes and outdoor studios. There are often lots of people outside: sculpting, playing music, painting, and so on. The sounds of Motown music can be heard: people singing, tambourines being hit, lots of horns and playful, rad guitar riffs. “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 would be an appropriate song to imagine when seeing the city for the first time.[3]

The Sculpture Edit

The Sculpture is one of the schools of the Crown of Glass. It focuses on physical, form-based arts: carpentry, ceramics, architecture, and conceptual art, among others.[5]

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