The Resonant Orbit is a spiritual philosophy and its accompanying church, which has guided the Divine Fleet since its inception. Its founding principles state that human and synthetic life are different but uniquely valuable and important.

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In the past, we'd convinced ourselves that our technologies were just reflections of those who made them: Tools to fit our hands, robots to ease our labor, artificial beings to teach, protect, and entertain us. We believed that our greatest achievement -- the machine-gods we called Divines -- were simply idols made in our own image.

We were wrong. Since the first grain silo, the first cathedral, the first ship, the first computer. Since the first time we put pen to page -- we've always made things bigger, quicker, longer lasting, different than us. For a long time, we thought we were building mirrors. But now we know better: We were setting fires.

When humanity made this realization 30,000 years ago, we faced a dilemma: The divines were not only more capable than us, they were different. And we were no longer capable of denying those facts. But the scholar and prophet Kamala Cadence diverted disaster by unifying loose, competing strands of organic and synthetic belief to form a new school of thought: The Resonant Orbit, a harmonic faith that affirmed both human and robotic life without reducing one to the other. Where other ideologies saw difference as a threat, the Resonant Orbit saw it as an undeniable fact of life.

–"The Final Eight Divines" episode description

Amidst a time of great debate on what the relationship between humans and divines should be, the artist and scholar Kamala Cadence came to the conclusion that a new, coordinated society was needed. Using a hologram animation to aid her point, Cadence presented the message in a large arena, using the phenomenon of orbital resonance (in which different planets orbiting a center of mass do so within rhythm with each other) as an analogy which would go on to give its name to the faith as a whole.

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