In addition to the score composed for the season by Jack de Quidt, some of the friends have shared playlists that they have used for inspiration either for their character or the season as a whole.

Title Creator Link Subject
Season 6 - Dusk Austin Spotify Ship Game
Season 6 - Dawn Austin Spotify Planet Game
Season 6 - Twilight Austin Spotify Twilight Mirage
Tender/Loving/Care Ali Spotify Tender Sky
Pitch and Purpose Janine Spotify ⸢Signet⸣
Even Gardner Dre Spotify Even Gardner
It's just "Glorious Domination" for 30 minutes Art Youtube Grand Magnificent
aubade::elegy Andi Spotify Echo Reverie
The Twilight Mirage Sketchbook Jack Spotify Soundtrack inspiration
Gift-3 Ark Keith Youtube The Ark-en-Ciel teens