Old Church is a settlement in the prairie (east of the desert and Sculpture City)[1] situated around the ruins of an old town and the church just to its south. The previous town had been bombed out some time ago. There are remnants of a different writing system that indicate another culture had once made its home there.

Before the arrival of the crew of the Myriad, there were little more than a dozen people living there. In the month since their arrival, Old Church, as it came to be called, grew to a population of over a hundred. Its residents include people from the Crown of Glass and the Mandati, among others.[2]

The church that gives the settlement its name is a simple church with a bell tower. Brilliant Jane, Surge and Bernadette live nearby, in a small adjoining building with an outside garden. The old church has an image of the planet of Quire over its big wooden front doors and writing around it in the same unknown language of the ruined town. It has been converted into a vehicle repair station. At the back, there's a garage door to let the vehicles in.[1]

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