The Mysteries are a weekly event broadcast throughout the fleet, a combination of mythical reenactment and video game, depicting moments in the history of the Divines. Citizens are elected to participate, and moments can play out differently from the actual history: They reflect a living history and the idea of different interpretations of history. Now that only 8 ships and 2 Divines remain, people find a great deal of joy and faith from these events. They are an important reminder of what has come before, and they always underscore the agency of every day people and of history itself: Things can get better and they can get worse, and so love what we have now and ensure that things get better.

One such Mystery, taking place in Composure's Coliseum, depicts the Divines' escape from the Earth and the forces of the Orion Conglomerate, an evil megacorporation. Players have to avoid OriCon armies and the explosion of a big bomb. It is a race, described as "Mario Kart in Space" but held as a blend of deep ritual and entertainment. A lead Divine draws a path in space and the competitors' goal is to follow that path to survive.

First depicted in The Beloved Dust.