This article is about the concept within the setting. For the role-playing game, see The Veil.
The Mesh, also known as the Veil, is the internet and mixed reality enabled by the Twilight Mirage in which most inhabitants of the Divine Fleet dwell, thanks to neurochips or nanomachines which allow them to experience the world through digital overlays.

Everyone is connected through a technology called neurochips and it has pulled The Veil over everyone’s eyes. It is our new reality. Mixing our reality with the digital, we now traverse a new world. One where the digital and physical occupy the same space and interact with us as though they were one and the same. We see and feel our future emblazoned on our minds and on our skin as it holds or caresses or destroys the humanity we have left. Our reality is a hybrid one—full of possibility. Of more, yes; but, perhaps, of less too.

–Fraser Simons, The Veil (Preface)