Massalia d'Argent is a member of the Beloved Ivy and a skilled pilot.[1] They seem to be a very focused, even arrogant person who takes offense at any potential insult.[2]

They were trained from a young age to become an Excerpt. To fulfill this desire they attempted to construct their own Divine, resulting in the faux-Divine Melodica.

They were present on Skein on Dark Day, where they battled Keen Forester Gloaming, who was protecting Profit's Cadence.

After the Method of Apotheosis finally managed to convert the Axiom Barricade into a Divine, they became it's Excerpt (it was originally planned that Lumen Lux would be Barricade's excerpt, but they rejoined Advent before the conversion took place, and were killed in The Battle of the Wandering Sea). The two, along with Polyphony, then left the Method to join with The Waking Cadent.[3] They then took the name The seal was broken by silver blade, slipped neatly under letters edge, with the short version of ⸢Silver⸣.

They join ⸢Signet⸣ in an attack on Volition battling Iconoclasts. ⸢Signet⸣ outperformed them in battle, but in contrast with the old Massalia, ⸢Silver⸣ felt no bitterness in being upstaged.They enjoyed their new chemistry with ⸢Signet⸣, their relationship having improved since having joined her as an excerpt.[4]

Appearance Edit

As an Apostolosian, they are gilled and have blue-green, slightly iridescent scales on their neck and face.

Massalia d'Argent[note 1] resembles Fan Bingbing in a men's suit, with a high forehead, straight eyebrows, and small, focused facial features. Their hair is high on top and slicked backwards, and shorter on the sides. They're wearing dress pants with really thick suspenders and a lacy blouse with wide cuffs that open up. Over that they wear a black cape with a silver lining, tied by a ribbon tie in a bow (with the long ends hanging unevenly).[1]

Notes Edit

  1. Massalia is the name of a group of Solar System asteroids, while d'argent means 'of silver' or 'of money' in French.

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