The Mandati, also known to some as the Savage Mandate, are a loosely associated group of scrappers and raiders on Quire who control much of the southern half of the continent that the crew of Myriad initially landed on. Largely nomadic, they are said to have a large garage east of Old Church.

Big Garage, a giant airship/workshop/engineering school, serves as the closest thing to a headquarters to the loosely affiliated groups.

The Mandati's roots can be traced to the Salvage Mandate, a plan put in place by Gumption to bring about their resurrection, should they be destroyed.

The Mandati Medallions, traditionally used to gain free repairs and upgrades at Big Garage, were activated after Gumption's death, relaying a message from ⸢Symphony⸣. Each one contains a fraction of the schematics necessary to resurrect the fallen Divine.