This article is about the assassin and bounty hunter. For the trumpeter, composer, singer and actor who lived from 1901 to 1971, see Louis Daniel Armstrong. Edit

Louis Armstrong, who goes by Armstrong, is an assassin and bounty hunter under the employ of Castlerose[1] and the Independents[2].

Ship Edit

Armstrong flies a big, brass-looking mean-looking ship that resembles a trumpet and has a stairwell that unfolds out of the horn.[3] When it flies, musical tones can be heard that vary based on the ship's speed and altitude.[4]

Appearance Edit

Armstrong is a chubby black dude wearing a black-and-white jumpsuit with a white line down the middle that gives it the vibe of a tuxedo. He has quite a paunch and walks with a great degree of confidence. He carries a rifle over one shoulder.[5]

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