Gumption's Gambit' is the city-ship of the followers of Gumption.

How could this ship even have this many exhausts?

–Keith, describing the outside of the ship

Description Edit

Gumption's Gambit is filled with pieces of the Divine Gumption.

Internally there is metal paneling everywhere to cover exposed wires, along with dull copper and rust. The ship is safe, but not pretty. It's mostly a scaled up spaceship, dissimilar to a city. People plant makeshift green spaces in the gaps technology leaves behind--hallways, fake window sills, etc.

Unlike on other ships, the rule on Gumption's Gambit is that "nothing can only be used once". They are a re-use culture. The fashion comes from that culture and can look really great or really stupid, depending on how good you are at it. It's a risky style of fashion in the fleet. Most people, though, don't pull it off.

The people who live on the city ship still fix things for the fleet, but not with the speed that Gumption had. In this time of instability they do their best to work harder. They favor Thyrsus.

Notes Edit