Curiosity is a Divine in the Divine Fleet, associated with the ship The Sky Reflected in Mirrors.

History Edit

Curiosity travelled ahead of humans and left behind a mesh of waypoints, which told its followers and people in general, "there is something here." It did not promise worth or success or even anything valuable, or that the journey to these things will have any of those attributes. Instead it wanted to build a network of what interested it.

They were made of tens of thousands of linked drones, ranging in size from the palm of a hand to a small spacecraft. They moved like water--when they were working together. When they operated independently, when you saw something on its own, you might have thought it a dragonfly.

When alive it had a massive list of detailed coordinates, varying in scale. The list of all of these coordinates is publicly accessible, but the information is vague. A point might be marked 'treasure' or 'vista' or just list four adjectives. The points might even be physically dangerous. Curiosity was particularly fond of falling, leading many of its followers to fall off cliffs.

One day the entire fleet of Curiosity, tens of thousands of drones, picked up on a signal deep inside the ship they found, the Sky Reflected in Mirrors, leaving their followers behind.

Their cache is still there. There are no notes now that the Divine has perished, however the points yet exist and were still chosen by Curiosity.

Notes Edit