The Crown of Glass, often referred to simply as the Crown, is a kingdom of technologically advanced artists led by the Doyenne. It has five city-schools: the Sculpture, the Theater, the Garden, the Desk and the Factory.

Ideology Edit

The Crown follows "the Church of the Self," a humanist and functionalist belief system. They believe embellishment should reflect either utility or something innate inside the work. They also deeply believe that everything necessary to comprehend a work of art should be contained within the work itself. It should never need context (whether by reminding the viewer of something or by making a statement on something external to the work) to be beautiful. If it's referencing a previous work, then one should be able to find that work within the new work, somewhere deep inside.[1]

History Edit

Many hundreds of years ago, pilgrims from Memorious fled the Divine Fleet and landed on Quire, intending to start an artists' colony.[2] They were unprepared for the attempt. Hundreds of years of internal and external war followed.

One hundred years ago, a genius discovered how to use silica-vitrus, and the Crown of Glass was established over the groups of scattered artists who remained.

In more recent times, a king, third or fourth of his line, took the throne, but abused his power. Saint Symmetry and the Doyenne, a woman of unparalleled talent with Glass, worked together to kill him. Since then, the Doyenne has ruled the Crown of Glass.[3]

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