In the year 28350AM, in the middle of a boom in historical interest on the part of the Fleet's citizens, the Divine Composure built a this innovative structure that blended virtual mesh space and and material reality. At first, the Coliseum simply offered its audience a place to watch re-enactments of foundational events in the broad history of the Milky Way. But not content with pure replication, Composure's excerpt made these simulations interactive, allowing for outcomes far different than the recorded past. Because of the many possible outcomes, these re-enactments offer the public a chance to consider other possible worlds. Attendees describe the experience as stimulating to both mind and soul, and it is due to their popularity that the events continued long after the death of Composure.

–The Living Library of Memorious // VOLUME 778Φ, "The Beloved Dust" episode description

A massive inverted step pyramid, supported by columns on the outside. Within, there are bleachers, with box seats at the lower levels for honored guests. The middle space fills with the Twilight Mirage which becomes the virtual space where the competitors appear for each week's Mystery.

The building was taken from the the Divine Composure after its death, and has been integrated into Empyrean's city ship, Séance. The whole region of the city surrounding the building has an inverted buildings motif.

They serve churros, in fruit, edible flower, and toasted bean flavors.