This article is about a proposed character no longer included in Twilight Mirage.

Coin Stollard, an Empath, was Keith Carberry's original player character for Twilight Mirage. Though introduced during "The Final Eight Divines", Keith went on to play as Gig Kephart instead.

Background Edit

Coin grew up moving further and further away from having to use their abilities all the time. It's hard to process their abilities all of the time which allows for Coin to absorb emotions around themselves and if so choosing, manipulate them as well.

They want to be around people who are marveling at things, not around people who give off negative emotions. Because of their experiences in the fleet though, they've signed up to go planet side.

Their abilities, so far, are classified as uncanny and not technological in nature.

Character usage Edit

Due to a mixture of misgivings around the issue of consent in the Empath playbook, and a general lack of connection to the character, Keith decided to change things up, and settled on playing as Gig instead. It is unlikely that Coin will be included in Twilight Mirage in any form[1].

References Edit

  1. "Coin is gone. I think? I don't know. It's a messy sitch. I don't think there's a way for me to re-incporate him in a way that would be positive" "Yeah, doing it without Keith having some creative control would be weird and ti was Keith's decision to wash his hands of the character because he wanted to go in a different direction" - Austin and Ali via the Fans at the Table discord, #tm-spoilers channel, 7/14/17