Acre Seven is a member of the Beloved Ivy. She seems to enjoy creeping people out.[1]

Acre Seven was recovered from the planet Acre. Potency died trying to evacuate Acre after mistakenly putting it in the line of a nova (its own sun) while the Divine was terraforming the planet.[2]

She has some ability to manipulate time; when talking to her, she stutters and repeats herself often, but when someone reviews the memory of such a conversation, she will instead appear to speak without any additional words. It has been indicated that she is planning on using this time to go back and prevent the destruction of Acre.

Appearance Edit

Acre Seven appears like a perfectly looping gif when still. When moving, she seems to stutter: steps forward, rewinds and steps forward again, or sometimes fast-forwards.

She wears a long, solid color dress; its color changes in unpredictable ways when you’re not looking directly at it.[2]

Additionally, Acre Seven is capable of taking on the appearance of various different people; in doing so, she "becomes" that person, tying her identity to them in a way that's deeper than appearance, as she has done with the woman who is her primary form.

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